Indexing Projects & Rates

Although indexing rates can be figured in various ways, I generally work on a per-page rate. After you contact me about an indexing project, I will need to review a sample of the text in the final layout so I can see the density of the text as well as the size and format of the project. A PDF file can be e-mailed to me and is the best way for me to review the project.

Rates are based on the size of the book page, the type size, and the density of the subject. The depth of indexing required for a particular project is also considered. The page-rate range is $2.50-$10.00 with easy cookbooks at the lower end and technical projects at the higher end.

The best index for your project will use the words of the author, appropriate cross references, and a level of detail that helps readers find the information the need easily and quickly.

When you contact me about a project, we will also talk about the format of the index as well as your time schedule.

I have completed over 900 indexing projects for scholarly, independent, and leading national publishers. I have also worked with national professional organizations.

When a project is ready for delivery to me, the PDF can be sent as an e-mail attachment or I can download from the client’s ftp site.

I print the PDF and work with hard copy when I index a book, starting to read on page one and typing the main entries, subheadings, and locators into SKY Index™ Professional software. This software allows me to maintain a template with style and formatting specifications for each client, ensuring the index I send you will meet your requirements.

I send the completed index as a Word .doc as an e-mail attachment